Matthew Morgan-Jones

Managing Director

Matthew Morgan-JonesMy belief

True development comes from within.

I’ve been leading Human Resources and training courses for over 18 years across the Globe.

My key motivator is supporting people process new ways of behaving and doing things differently that will impact their development, the people around them and ultimately the organisation – loving the ‘light bulb’ moment in a training or coaching session when you know by the look on their face that ‘they get it, own it, and now can do it’.

It’s a great moment and one that still gives me the buzz to go on and on!

Matthew has over eighteen years of international human development & capacity building experience gained within the service industries.

Matthew has a track record of developing and delivering strategic operational and soft skills learning options that; motivate, engage and lead individuals to meet their potential and importantly building capacity within organisations.

These qualities he has delivered within a variety of Globally Recognise Brands. He working for Harrods Ltd in London, Globally for The Body Shop International PLC, Landmark Group in the Middle East, and embarking on consultancy has supported a variety of Multi-National and Local Brands, including KPMG, GSK, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd, ICI, Emirates Computers, ALOSCO Group, HSC, ILO, Zantel, G4S, PETROBRAS, specialising in HR operations, and organisational development. 

He has designed and delivered learning events worldwide working in UK, USA, Australia, Middle East, Asia, Southern Africa and more recently in Tanzania, understands cross cultural development issues.

His delivery style engages and leads the learner, being delegate focused with strong facilitation skills gained through coaching and mentoring individuals at all levels of organisations. He is process driven ensuring that the output meets the desired learning goals.


Matthew’s qualifications

Matthew gained his MA in Human Resource Development from the University of Westminster, UK and has attended a variety of courses such as accelerated learning, NLP and MBTI that have enhanced his learning event design and delivery skills.  

He has developed and established a variety of technical and soft skill learning events for managers and executives that have led to Internationally Accredited Qualifications. Matthew is a ‘Fellow’ of the Institute of Leadership and Management, UK.